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Check out my testimonals below and thank you for your interest in my winning loft of birds!

Bill Dozier, 12/2014 -

I want to congratulate John on his win at the 2014 Triple Crown Classic.

I bought a cock that John donated at the triple Crown Classic in 2012, this was a super bird. Bred him to the hen that I won with at the Triple Crown Classic in 2006 and hit pay dirt with this pair. Sent a hen out of this pair to a one loft race in San Antonio and she was on the 2nd drop in the 200 mile leg and on the 1st drop in the 300 mile leg. I then sent a little hen to the same race in 2014 and won the 300 mile leg of the race all alone!

John Nemeth has excellent pigeons and I highly recommend him!


Dave & Kathy's Loft, Redding CA - 12/2014

It is with great pleasure that I recommend John Nemeth of Nemeth Family Loft.

We have known John for over 30 years. It is with great pleasure that we recommend the Nemeth pigeons to anyone that wants to greatly improve loft performance whether for  Club, Combine or One Loft races.

The Nemeth pigeons have had such a great impact on our loft performance over the past 20 years. We have had many Club & Combine wins up to the 600 mile stations. Our birds have excelled on all the courses we have flown from the North, South and East. Some races have been a challenge with the high winds and extreme heat.

John has always displayed a high degree of integrity and ambition in his selection of breeders. He has worked hard to create a family of excellence in his breeders.

We are happy to give him our whole hearted endorsement & best wishes!

Steve Miner, Van Gruen Loft - 12/2014

John gave me a bird for the 2001 Holiday Cup, AU01BON3165 BCH, which didn't score in the race however it flew a pretty good race. Then as a 2 year old she won the 500 & 600 mile race in San Diego in the same year! She was voted 4th best long distance bird for my division in the Digest Awards for that year as well. She has bred several outstanding birds for me. A son, AU08VG1219 BCC, won a 300 mile race by over 5 minutes and has become on of my top breeders. Another son, AU05VG510 BBC, is a breeder for Enrique Castro the 2013 Triple Crown Classic Winner!

Dawn Colwell, EDJ Loft - 12/2014 

We have had 6 outstanding birds off of Nemeth Loft's BON4578. This bird has produced great flyers off of 2 separate hens and 2 money birds at 300 miles. It's rare to find a cock to produce so many nice birds in a season. They fly extremely fast, handle tought races and are extremely hard to lose. They are exceptional racing pigeons that are always at the top of the sheet. We at EDJ Loft highily recommend these pigeons as they have been an asset to our racing program. 

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